Tacky Mats

Going in and out of the lab runs the risk of contamination of the clean room. Dust and pollen from the hallway can be stopped from entering any controlled work environment by using proper entryway sealants and safeguards. However, there is always an imminent risk of contaminants being transferred from the floor outside. As clean as the floor may be, there is a chance that there are particulates stuck to the bottom of the shoes of the entrant coming into the clean room. These can be avoided through the use of a tacky mat.

Having a Tacky Mat is essential to keeping clean rooms spotless and dust free. No matter what was on the person’s shoes when they left, it certainly will be picked up by the tacky mat. Tacky mats are easy to implement and can make a huge difference in keeping clean rooms contaminant-free.

Layered, tough material

Some mats are constructed with flimsy material that has a better chance of sticking to the foot of the operator than it does removing the dust from the soles of their footwear. Tacky mats are made up of multiple layers, to ensure their integrity remains intact over the course of multiple walkthroughs. Having multiple layers makes this mat durable, and long lasting.

Adhesive coating

The tacky mat is, of course, tacky, and is designed to remove contaminants from work shoes. This is accomplished using a polyethylene film coated in adhesive. The adhesive is not sticky enough to drag the mat along with the person entering the controlled area but strong enough to remove contaminants from shoes.

The adhesion doesn’t stop at the top of the mat. The bottom of the mat also adheres to the floor. This adhesive coat is to ensure the bottom of the mat doesn’t become contaminated with the things being brought into the uncontaminated area.

Easy replacement and disposal

Once the tacky mat has been walked upon numerous times, it is very simple to replace. The tacky mat’s adhesive layers have alternating color tabs to make it easier for the worker to peel away the old layer. The used layer does not affect the lamination of the next sheet. Removal is as simple as peeling away a layer and placing it in the waste bin.

Available options

If you are looking for a mat to cover the entire workspace, semi-permanent mats are available. These do not have a sheet that needs removing and can be placed in a large room. To keep them tacky, they must be washed on occasion. These are made of a tacky vinyl that is able to withstand carts and heavy foot traffic.

The tacky mat is a crucial element for any business that want to keep their clean workspace uncontaminated. With multiple colors to choose from, you have a choice of which mat you’d like to use for your cleanroom.