Cleanroom Crocs™

Many of you are probably familiar with the company, Crocs™, perhaps the world leader in innovative, casual, molded footwear for men, women, and children. Uniform Technology and Crocs™ have had a very synergistic relationship for many years now. It wasn’t just because their corporate headquarters happen to be about a mile down the road from our offices, but also because they produce amazing products, one of which that is particularly well suited for the special needs of our customers.

I am always on the lookout for products that help our customers supply their customers with products that help to do their jobs better, more efficiently, safer, cleaner, and more simply. That’s how our partnership with Crocs™ began. After a successful partnership with ESD Crocs™, I approached them again because I was hearing from many of our cleanroom customers that they were not able to find what they were looking for in terms of footwear that would meet the ever-evolving criteria of the cleanroom environment. The products that were available in the market were heavy, cumbersome, inefficient, and very expensive.

After reviewing the options available, I told Crocs™ exactly what we needed for our customers: a lightweight and comfortable shoe that was able to adhere to the stringent cleanroom environment requirements. I wanted to be able to provide a shoe that could simply slip on, that wasn’t an add-on worn over an existing shoe, and was something, of course, that would stay clean and contaminate-free. The Crocs™ team delivered and we are now partnering with them again to provide our customers with a unique, cleanroom footwear option: the Cleanroom Crocs™.

The Cleanroom Crocs™ is truly a differentiator in the current market. It is designed to meet cleanroom standards on many levels because they are:

  • Closed heal and toe; Non-Venting
  • Made with closed cell resin that is non-fibrous and non-particulate, non-marking material;
  • Construction that conforms to feet for custom fit;
  • Lightweight;
  • Odor resistant;
  • Enhanced arch support for all-day comfort; and,
  • Able to be cleaned and sterilized with approved ESD wipes, soap and water solution, or a bleach and water solution

What’s great about the Cleanroom Crocs™ is its adaptability. Anyone who works in a controlled, cleanroom environment – pharma, bio-med, and many other industries – can use these shoes. There is nothing else like it out there. It is available in black or white and comes in men’s sizes 4 – 13, and women’s sizes 6 – 12.

At Uniform Technology our approach has always been to ask the question, “What do our customers NEED?” Of course, there are many answers to that question, but that is where our search begins. It is a great adventure because that inquiry and our desire to give our customers the very best and most innovative in ESD and cleanroom apparel leads us to great places!

 For more information about our newest cleanroom product, the Cleanroom Crocs™ please take a look at our new product’s information page.