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About Uniform Technology

Uniform Technology is the Leading Source for Reusable Apparel for Contamination Control

Uniform Technology began its roots as Fibrotek Industries in 1987. As the leader in cleanroom and ESD apparel, VF became its parent company in 1998 until the original founder re-purchased and re-started the company to Uniform Technology and began its global service management at this time. The headquarters remain in Colorado, with its main centralized distribution center in El Paso, Texas.

Over the years we have maintained our focus and integrity on bringing innovation and an ever-expanding product portfolio to the contamination control industry with leading edge and advanced products.

Global Service and Support

Uniform Technology provides global distribution and sales throughout the world. We are well-established to service and support worldwide manufacturing and consistency of product.

Product Guarantee and Product Development

UT guarantees both the quality and efficacy of our finished products. Our mission is to produce the highest quality products that we can deliver to our customers at the greatest value as that has ensured the trust and success of our customers. We continue to invest our resources into research and development. This ensures that the next generation of products will be there when you require them. This includes, but is not limited to our recently launched total answer for a groundable static control garment system meeting the ANSI ESD S20.20 test requirements.

Our global community for raw materials resources provides leading edge products along with optimum performance and value. Every plant utilizes copy-exact specifications and processes resulting in product standardization and quality. All materials and processes meet or exceed industry standards and requirements.

Why Choose Uniform Technology

Custom Design Copy-exact Pattern Services

We help to determine your exact product requirements and counsel you in the proper strategies to achieve your goals.


UT has the greatest depth of product portfolio amongst all of our competitors. We invest in stocking inventory so it is there when you need it. Our catalog and stock offering provide you with a wide variety covering industry standards from lowest critical need to highest.

Sales Tools and Technical Support

We provide excellent support sales tools that will help you get your answers quickly with the detail you need. You can contact us and we will get you the quotes, technical data and any other information you need in the immediacy in which you need it.

Experience and Knowledge

The founder of Uniform Technology, Susan Routt, has been a long-standing and active member in the technical societies that write and create standards. With the added experience in laundry, distribution, and manufacturing, UT provides you with a network of knowledge and resources for solving your most technical contamination control needs. With the ever-increasing number of standards and requirements that are constantly changing, your business needs the technical support, education, training, and documentation required to quantify and compete.

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