Labcoats are an integral part of laboratory attire and cannot be overlooked. Not only do they keep the wearer safe from interaction with different elements but they can also keep the lab safe from outside elements. They protect the wearer, protect the lab, are fire resistant and above all else are practical for a laboratory working environment. There are a number of reasons why lab coats are crucial and should always be worn inside the laboratory.

Protect Your Clothes

Lab coats offer the wearer a great deal of protection while working with various elements. Keep your civilian clothes clean and dirt free; your lab coat acts as a barrier between your clothes and whatever you are working with.

Avoid Contamination

A lab coat, of course, does much more than just keep your clothes clean. It can also prevent you from spreading contaminants from the lab to areas outside the lab and vice versa. This is why you should always leave your lab coat in the lab and never wear it outside.

Protect Your Skin

Lab coats will also protect your skin from any harmful substances found inside the laboratory. Wearing a lab coat can minimize damage from chemical substances that burn, itch and taint skin.

Fire Resistant

The best lab coats are fire resistant meaning that in case of an emergency, you can rely on your lab coat to offer you some protection from the flames. Remember to follow all protocol when the fire alarm goes off. Your lab coat might be fire resistant but that doesn’t mean it is fire proof.

Static Control

ESD Lab coats, like those we offer at Uniform Technology, are designed to help with static discharge. Special materials are integrated into the back ties and the cuffs to help with static control, which can be useful in particular situations and downright crucial to certain types of work.


Lab coats are made with laboratory users in mind and this is fully reflected in their design and construction. Lab coats have pockets in all the right places, making it easy to access notebooks, pens and other tools you might frequently need access to.

They are also build to be easily removed—that's one of the reasons they are so effective for protecting the wearer from chemical splashes, fire, and more. Take, for instance, your usual shirts and tops. More often than not, they would have to be removed by pulling them over your head, even in the case of an emergency. Lab coats provide an extra layer of protection over your clothing, but more importantly, it's an extra layer that can be easily removed if the situation arises.

Most lab coats are made from 100% cotton so that in case of fire they will not melt and stick to your skin. Cotton does not heat up in the same way that synthetic fibers do keeping you safer in a fire emergency in the lab.

There’s no doubt that lab coats are a crucial piece of clothing when working in the laboratory. Always ensure that your lab coat fits correctly, that you store it at the laboratory and that you can take it off quickly in case of a fire or it becoming contaminated with a toxic substance.